Hello, beautiful.

As you've probably already gathered, my name is Christopher North. You can call me Chris, or North, or "That guy with the camera." Whatever.

If you've reached this page, I've most likely contacted you about modeling for an upcoming project, or inquired about your general interest. That being said, Thank you for taking the first step. As a photographer of portrait, fashion, and fitness, I am nothing without the dedicated models who allow me to photograph them. This page is merely to flesh out some things and answer FAQs, like:

Why Me?

Don't be so hard on yourself. You are beautiful the way you are, and that's a big part of my photography. Breaking away from the standards of the genre is a big deal for me. If you've dedicated years to perfecting a broad shouldered, v-tapered, statuesque frame for yourself, or fasted for months to create the then, structured look of a Vogue cover circa 1998, I'd be the first to commend your work in reaching your ideal body type. But, as you must realize, our standard of beauty is highly subjective, differing significantly from culture to culture, as well as person to person. Simply put, I want to bring realness back to the industry with real people in real situations, and that begins with you.

Will I ever have to undress?

That's up to you, and entirely dependent on the premise. I don't believe in fitness photography that merely features a half naked person in a room. As I mentioned, I believe we need real people in real situations. If I've contacted you about fitness modeling, it would be a combination of multiple genres, like fashion, editorial, or portrait.


This hybrid focuses on how the form of your body interests with the clothing you wear, as well as how you interact within the environment. A great example of this would be a photograph of a dude jumping a fence in a pair of high end board shorts to get to the beach on the other side. There's a story, there's fashion, and there's athleticism. 

Fitness/Portrait and Nude

These are more closely related to the mainstream fitness photography you've seen, but with added depth. Here, we're looking for how your form interacts with your mind. These are usually a bit revealing, both of your body and your mind. You may undress to your comfort level, and guidelines will be agreed upon before hand between model and photographer. 


Fashion/Portrait (AKA Stylized Portrait) 

This is merely a portrait with extra attention payed to portraying an image, rather than revealing your own. Model and photographer will work to decide upon what that image should be and how to approach that goal using hair, make-up, body expression, and color. 

Straight Fashion

This genre focuses on the interaction of the clothes with the environment around it, usually leaving the model looking a bit like a mannequin. My preferred approach is Street Fashion, with takes the model and the outfit out of the studio and into real, relatable situations. These photos are also shot in a series of 3 - 6 and tell a story, such as, "What's she doing with her night," or "Fashion Sunday Funday." I essentially want to tell the story of you, with better clothes and vibrant locations.

Is there compensation?

Short answer: No. I'm an independent artist who's stopped charging for pictures while I pursue my BFA. What I can offer is my time and services, as well as some free prints, in exchange for the same. Unlike many photographers, I'll also work with my models on a concept. I want this to be as much your baby as it is mine. The final product will never have a watermark, and you are absolutely free to use them on any platform. Just, out of respect, don't say there yours or sell them without my consent. 


Next Steps:

Contact me on any social media platform or directly on my cell or email (found in BIO). We'll work together to set up a date for wardrobe, and the shoot. Thank you so much for taking the first step towards modeling for me, and I look forward to hearing back from you.